Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Foster Home

Something to Wag About: Fostering a Pet is Tax Deductible!

470_2220693When it comes to tax deductions, there’s something to wag about for animal lovers, rescue groups and for people who foster (or are considering) fostering a pet: It’s now tax deductible!

A new landmark court case has volunteers barking up a storm about the paw-sitive news! What are the keys to getting the deduction? The basic requirements are that the expenses have to be directly related and solely attributable to the rendition of services to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization.

Thinking of opening your home to foster a golden in need? Contact us at 702-598-GOLD.

One of the most important aspects of GRRSN’s rescue program is a foster home. Without enough foster homes we are limited in the amount of Goldens we can take into rescue. The principle behind fostering is to provide the dogs with a home environment in order to evaluate their habits and behavior and to offer the new owner as much information as possible about the dog.

GRRSN needs caring, responsible people to join our foster home team by opening their homes and their hearts to Goldens who need another chance in life. Here are some questions we are frequently asked by people who may be interested in fostering.

What does a Foster Home do?

Foster homes are responsible for the daily care of the foster dog. This includes feeding, exercising, socializing, grooming, reinforcing basic commands and observing and evaluating the needs, behavior and temperament of the dog.  Providing love and security to a dog during a difficult time in their life is very important.

How long does a dog stay in foster care?

The time a dog stays in foster care varies with each dog. Dogs with special needs may stay in foster care for a period of months and some dogs get adopted right away.

Do I have to be home with the dog all day?

No. Many times foster families are employed outside the home and still provide a caring and loving environment for the dog. You do need to be make sure the dog is in a secure safe place while you are not home.

Do I need a fenced yard?

YES! No dog should be allowed to run free. You can excercise a dog in a fenced back yard off leash; however outside the yard the dog should be on leash at all times.

May I choose which dogs I foster?

Yes, you set the limits on the kinds of dogs you foster. You may always decline a dog and if your foster dog is not working out arrangements will be made to place the dog elsewhere.

How much does it cost?

You provide food for the foster dog. We can recommend brands of dog food that are good quality and not too expensive. GRRSN pays for all authorized veterinary care or emergency veterinary care for your foster dog. We have veterinarians that provide discounts to GRRSN. We would refer you to the vet closest to your home. Medications, if needed, are also paid for by GRRSN.

What if I have a problem with a foster dog?

We have many well informed members of our board of directors, including our foster home director and intake director. They are available for telephone consultation on any problem or question you may have concerning your foster dog. We also have veterinarians, groomers and other specialists that we can consult with concerning many problems that can be associated with foster dogs. Being a foster home is rewarding, but not all rescue dogs are housebroken, some may need socialization skills, obedience training or may have to take medicine. We have found, through experience, if given a chance these dogs not only improve but flourish in a foster care environment.

What if we want to travel?

If you are fostering and want to go away for a weekend or take a vacation and cannot take your foster with you, the foster dog must be cared for by another GRRSN foster home. We would just ask that you let us know in advance so we can make arrangements for the dog to be cared for while you are gone.

What if I become attached to my foster dog?

You probably will, but when you meet the new family who is ready to provide a permanent loving home, you will know the satisfaction of seeing him have a new and wonderful life. Foster homes do have input on adoptions and where the foster dog is placed. Remember you are working toward helping a deserving Golden find a forever home.

What if I want to adopt the Golden I am fostering?

Many foster homes have adopted the Golden they are fostering and continue to open their homes to other foster dogs.

I'd like to foster. What do I do next?

The first step in becoming a foster home is filling out the foster home application. Once this is submitted the foster home director will contact you to arrange an appointment with you at your home.