Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering to be a dog sitter in our Dog Sitting Program.  It is a wonderful way to volunteer and raise funds for your favorite Dog Rescue Organization.

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By agreeing to dog sit for GRRSN, the undersigned will follow all relevant procedures and guidelines in the GRRSN Foster Agreement, and will make no decisions or actions regarding the dog’s veterinary care  (including euthanasia) without contacting the Foster Coordinator.  Except in life-threatening situations when GRRSN cannot be reached, veterinary care must be authorized by the Dog Sitting Coordinator.  Otherwise, the undersigned may be responsible for veterinary costs incurred.

The  undersigned shall provide the dog with a fenced-in yard or other humane means of exercise.  The animal shall not be kept constantly chained outside or tied inside.  The dog will never be allowed outside a secure fenced area unless on a leash.  The dog must be in the care of the GRRSN designated dog sitter at all times unless GRRSN authorizes other arrangements.  Dogs may not be left in the care of persons not designated by GRRSN as a dog sitter without the permission of GRRSN.  The undersigned shall treat the dog as a household pet and a member of the family and shall never use it for breeding.  The undersigned agrees to provide the dog entrusted to its care with adequate food, water, shelter, affection, socialization, exercise and medical care.  In addition, the undersigned agrees to return the dog to GRRSN upon demand.

The undersigned has agreed to volunteer services or facilities to GRRSN.  The undersigned acknowledge(s) and understand(s) that the dog(s) may be untrained or require medical care and that GRRSN makes no representations whatsoever regarding the dog’s temperament, health (including the presence or absence of diseases transmittable to humans or other animals), age, ability, attitude or trainability.

By submitting to this agreement, you assume all risk related to dog sitting for GRRSN.  The undersigned, with the intention of binding the person completing this form and spouse and heirs, legal representatives and assigns, hereby releases GRRSN, its Board of Directors, members, officers and agents, volunteers and affiliates and/or any rescue representative charged or chargeable with responsibility or liability from any and  all  claims, actions, liabilities, damages, costs, expenses, loss of service, actions/causes of action that Member ever had, or now has or may have, known or unknown, or that anyone claiming through or under the person completing form may have or claim to have against GRRSN, its officers, directors, participants, members, volunteers, and affiliates, arising out of any work or activity with any dog connected with GRRSN or a dog owned by a GRRSN member.  If anyone in the undersigned’s household, or any business or social visitor to the household makes a claim, the Member will indemnify, defend, and hold GRRSN and its Board of Directors, members, officers and agents, volunteers and affiliates harmless from such claims and costs.