GRRSN will care for any dog that comes to us, regardless of age or health issues. Some dogs come to us very late in life, or with health issues that may be hard for an adoptive family to afford. This makes the dog very hard to place. For this reason, the Forever Foster program exists. Wonderful families open their hearts and homes to these dogs, while GRRSN assumes financial responsibility for the rest of their days. This program is one of the main reasons GRRSN fundraises tirelessly. We never want to turn away a dog because of lack of funding. Forever Foster dogs don’t know how old they are or whether or not they are sick. They still have so much to offer and we feel that they deserve the same loving, forever families and homes that all dogs do. Please take a moment to meet our Forever Fosters. If you would like to sponsor a certain dog, or the program in general, please follow the donation link.



Although Annie looks a lot like a Golden Retriever, her previous owner states that she is a Collie mix. We think she looks a lot like a Duck Tolling Retriever though. But does any of this really [...]


Few dogs break our hearts the way Bradley did when we first rescued him. Bradley lived outdoors in Arizona. In the heat and the dust, Bradley suffered through years of chronic dry eye. His eyes [...]


Big Buddy comes to us because his family just moved here from TX and can no longer care for him. Buddy was an outdoor dog his entire life. He also has been suffering from what we hoped [...]


Miss August turned 16 on April 24, 2016 — bless her heart and old bones!!! She has lumps and bumps, and she still suffers from environmental allergies, but overall she is doing very well. Much to [...]


Apollo is a ten-year-old calm and seasoned fellow. He loves to go for car rides, which can be difficult for him now because of a recent knee surgery for an injury that hasn’t healed quite right [...]


Sasha comes to us from a very sad situation. As a result, her elderly person can no longer care for Sasha. Sasha is a sweet, experienced girl, acting younger than her 13 years of age. She is [...]


Clover is 10 years old. If ever a dog needed the luck of a 4-leaf clover, it’s Clover! We are hoping that all of Clover’s bad luck is behind her. Clover was picked up by Animal [...]


10-year-old Roxy was surrendered to GRRSN in December of 2014 because her family did not have time for her. They also were unable to provide adequate vet care. Roxy had several tumors removed [...]