Bitsy re-named “Maddy”

Bitsy came to us from the local shelter. This sweet little girl is approximately 10 years old.

Bitsy is a pint-sized sweetheart and what she lacks in stature, she gained in personality!

Bitsy has captured all of our hearts! One of our fabulous fosters was very excited about adopting Bitsy and finally giving her the wonderful home that she so deserves. Unfortunately, an X-ray of Bitsy’s abdomen shows a tumor in her liver. We are very saddened by this terrible news! We know by Bitsy’s condition when we rescued her from the shelter, that she was never cared for the way she deserved to have been. Bitsy will remain in the loving home of her forever foster. GRRSN will do everything possible to keep her with us as long as possible. Our first priority is to keep Bitsy as happy and comfortable as possible.

Bitsy is being loved and spoiled for the first time in her little life!