Hi! My name is Henry. I came into rescue because my mom was sick and couldn’t take care of me anymore. I now live with my foster family and have two Golden sisters. I really love to play with other dogs! I’m not sure if I’ve ever met a cat, but I can tell you that I love kids of all ages. I’m partially blind and I have diabetes, but that really doesn’t stop me. After my first day in my foster home, I learned all sorts of new things: how to use the dog door, how to use the stairs (both up and down), which food bowl is mine and, most importantly, where my foster mom and dad sleep! I really like to keep all of the humans in the house company. That’s my job. My foster mom says that I’m probably the easiest foster dog that she has ever taken care of. I really like going on walks and love to play tug of war! I know all of my commands and I will sit whenever you want me to. I hear everyone say that is pretty helpful when it is time for me to have my medicine! I’m very patient when getting my insulin shot and I don’t even think I feel it.

My favorite time of day is bedtime when everybody gets to cuddle. I think bedtime should be all day long! My childhood nickname was “Hyper.” I’m calmer now but the name kind of stuck a little. Oh, I almost forgot. I am 10 years old, but you would never know it. We all know that 10 is the new 5!! Age is just a number, baby!