Although Annie looks a lot like a Golden Retriever, her previous owner states that she is a Collie mix. We think she looks a lot like a Duck Tolling Retriever though. But does any of this really matter? Annie is just as cute as could be! Annie is 11 years old, but has the spirit of a youngster. She’s a feisty little girl who loves to go for walks (we think she’s looking for ducks!) and enjoys laying out in the sun. Annie likes to be in charge; she is a working dog and is very eager to please. Annie is being permanently fostered in a home with another dog. She loves her brother very much and is protective of him. She loves her family very much and is such a special girl. Annie is on daily medication for arthritis that she takes like a pro! Update: Annie gave her foster mom a scare when she had a seizure. She was rushed to the vet immediately and it has been determined that this may have been an isolated incident.