Slider is a very handsome senior fella. Slider has been with only one family his entire life of 12 years. Slider never thought that he would be without his family in his “golden” years, but unfortunately for Slider, his beloved owner found himself starting a new life in a senior living facility that could not care for Slider. This is a very sad story for them both and GRRSN wanted to make Slider’s transition into his new world without his family an easy one. Slider has settled in nicely with his foster mom and they are enjoying each others’ company tremendously.

Slider is a well-behaved boy that mostly just wants to hang out with his foster mom. He loves to be hugged, he loves to eat, and he likes to take long naps. Who doesn’t like those 3 things? Slider suffers from terrible allergies that cause a myriad of issues for this sweet old man. He is also hypothyroid, which is treated with daily medication. As with most seniors, Slider has arthritis. A simple daily, anti-inflammatory, as well as joint supplements, help to ease his joint pain.