In January, it would’ve been 6 years that we adopted Sammy from you. He was 8 when we got him.  He had a brother named Pacino that was adopted out to another family prior. Sammy passed away 2 [...]


Hi, just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful Buddy; we adopted him 8-1/2 yrs ago. Super skinny, needed sweet love. He’s with Jesus now, as he passed away here at home from lung [...]


Update on Chloe – Adopted from GRRSN in August 2016: Hi GRRSN! It’s been a full year since Chloe came to live with us, and a lot has changed for her in that year.  In March we had her [...]


I want to sincerely thank everyone in this agency for helping me find Shadow, who was actually adopted from the Southern California agency, because of the efforts of your then Nevada President [...]

Augie Turned 17!

Augie is a special girl that is one of our forever fosters here at GRRSN. She was a owner surrender in September of 2014. The owner was moving into a homeless shelter and couldn’t take [...]


GRRSN alumni, 13-year-old Lovie, and her family, Richard & Nancy Palcic.  Lovie has been through training to be a service dog.  She goes everywhere with them and she’s the smartest girl ever!


Connor (formerly Gavin) is such a blessing and a joy in our life. I thought you might like to see how handsome he is in his special Valentine outfit. We love our sweet Connor SO much!! Eileen, [...]


Lucky June 6th, 2002- January 13th, 2014 ~ Twelve years ago fate lead you to our door. A pound puppy without a home, you gave us unconditional love and so much more. Today we had to say goodbye [...]


Adopted August 29, 2016 We’ve had Chloe for five weeks now, and while she missed her foster family she’s coming to see us as ‘her’ people!  She’s sweet and gentle, [...]


We are very sorry to say that our girl, Clara, went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 28, 2015. We had her almost 3 years and she went everywhere with us. Missing her is the heartache that never [...]


We went and met Marley at the Sun City Animal Hospital where she was surrendered and the instant we met her we fell in love with her and knew she was a little Golden girl that we wanted to become [...]

Buzz Lightyear

Just wanted to send an updated photo of our family with Buzz Lightyear! We adopted him last February and he has fit in so well with our family.. we are so grateful to have him with us. Christen [...]


Hello, I just wanted to share a beautiful picture of Angel (on the left) with her brother Brutus (middle) and her sister Vesta (whom I adopted from GRRSN in 2010 – she is the one on the right). I [...]


I went up to photograph the Santa train this morning and Amroth was such a charming and good boy that they let him ride behind Eureka. He was an absolutely perfect passenger! Thought you’d [...]


Dear Friends at Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada: Well, you guys really did it this time. You sent me to live in the lovingest home in all of Las Vegas. I’m now a permanent resident in the [...]


Hi everyone, this is Ranger {formerly Seeley} sending you this message from the north woods of Wisconsin. I was adopted by my forever parents, Jeff and Cheri Fleischman, back in February.  After [...]


In January of 2009 at 11 – months old, Charlie came into rescue as a typical barking, drooling, counter-surfing puppy who was not housebroken and who had very little training. He was [...]


This is the story of DUKE Dettrey… He is a God given addition to this family and we “LOVE” him dearly. He was a gift to our 19 year old daughter and they go hand in hand. Everywhere she [...]

Tilly & Winston

Here is a photo of our beloved Tilly and Winston (originally Klyde). They have so quickly become the center of our lives. Tilly and Winston go to the dog park every day and love socializing with [...]

Zac & Jake

Attached is the Weisbein Therapy Dog Team of Michael & Samantha Weisbein, Handlers and Zac & Jake, the therapy dogs. We are Volunteers at Summerlin Hospital and spread happiness, love, [...]


Making a House a Home… It took many months for us to move beyond the passing of our first Golden. Retirement allowed us to launch ourselves into a flurry of travel and boating. The years [...]

Caleb & Penny

That’s Nancy with them in the back yard. Penny is relentless in getting attention, as Caleb is in chasing a ball or anything else thrown. Most polite, well-behaved dogs we have ever had; [...]


We adopted Maddie about two weeks ago. She had led a terrible life. All of that has now changed, and she is being treated like a princess. She is a cuddle bunny and full of energy. Maddie has [...]


Oscar is getting along great with his big brother, Miles. He does everything Miles does. We have had a few minor mishaps, but Oscar is training us. He has the goofy golden grin and loves to play. [...]


GRRSN parent writes to our local Heidi Harris (radio personality), after airing a show about back yard breeders and homeless pets in Las Vegas. One of her listeners, Jim, was so inspired by her [...]


Daisy adopted us in October, and has fit in great with our family. She has amazing manners (unlike her brother, Toki), she is great with the kids, and she loves to snuggle on the sofa with anyone [...]


Hi GRRSN! I hope this finds you doing well. Same stuff, different day for us, except that our Maddie Girl makes us happier each and every day. She has settled in so well, but especially so in the [...]

Relay & Augie

Hi GRRSN! We just got back from Colorado and I wanted to share a few pics with you. Augie and Relay climbed Mt. Evans with me and are now both official “fourteeners!” Mt. Evans is [...]


Hello GRRSN: I just wanted to give you all an update and send some pictures of Bryant! Bryant runs the household and LOVES living indoors and sleeping with his mom on the bed, as well as chasing [...]

Sunny & Jackson

Sunny, rescued and adopted at 1-1/2 years old, spent two months getting used to her new home and a new mom. She loved playing with any dog she came in contact with, so I knew it was time to get [...]


Here is a picture of Riley (formerly “Baby Bear”) we adopted a little over a year ago. We love this picture because it captures the one emotion this Golden never runs out of – [...]

Hugh Hefner

I wanted to give you an update on Hugh Hefner, whom we adopted last September. He is happy as you can see. I just had his DNA test done and was surprised to find he has no golden in him . We love [...]


Ok, here we are, the Englund Family at Guajome Lake in California. Back row from left: Nicklas, Ingrid, Brad Front row from left: Mio (from Lied Animal Shelter, 2011), Haley (from GRRSN, 2010), [...]


Dear Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada, See attached picture of Harry, who we adopted this past January. He joined the other “Schrader Boys” and now there are three of them. [...]


Thought I would update you on how Caleigh (aka Penny) is doing. In a word, GREAT. We love her and she is becoming part of the family already. When she came home, the first thing we noticed was [...]


Hello from Bailey. That’s me in the lower right. What a great home I went to. I am here with all my new sisters:  Sami, Piper and Maggie. Life is great and I am getting spoiled real good. [...]


Do you think he is happy? This is our puppy, Brandi. Luke is smitten with her. We think this might have been like it was with Leia. Christy Mulligan


Here is Sarge with his long flowing fur in the new backyard in Illinois. He hated traveling and being in the car, but he loves his new backyard to run and chase balls in. Angie


When I was first looking for a dog to fill the void my golden before Harley had left, I came across this wonderful website that helped me find my true best friend! When I was on this website [...]


Dear friends at Golden Retriever Rescue: We apologize for the delay in answering your letter of September 8 requesting a follow-up of our rescue golden, Brody. We have changed the spelling of his [...]


Maxine and I adopted 7 year old Missy in April ’13. I have owned many large dogs in my 46 years in Las Vegas. Missy, by far, is the most gentle, obedient, loving dog I have ever had. We [...]


Just wanted to wish everyone at the Golden Retriever Rescue a very Merry Christmas from all of us. Attached is a picture of Dani.  We adopted her in July of 2013. She has been the perfect dog for [...]


As you may remember from our application to Golden Retriever Rescue, we had not been without a dog in our entire 47 years of marriage. For the first time, we took a year and a half break after [...]


Sandy has been a true blessing in our lives! Our family was dealing with an unexpected death in the family and the loss of our 16 year old Lewellyn Setter, and we decided to cheer ourselves up [...]


Dear GRRSN, What started out as fostering on Feb 1st, 2014 has turned into a total love-fest. Roxie has become my wiggle worm “Roxie-Roo”. We celebrated her 2nd birthday on May 11th. [...]