Augie Turned 17!

Augie is a special girl that is one of our forever fosters here at GRRSN. She was a owner surrender in September of 2014. The owner was moving into a homeless shelter and couldn’t take Augie with her. She’s been an amazing ambassador for GRRSN. This past week she just turned 17!



So many people don’t realize how special our senior rescue dogs are.  Dogs don’t know how old they are and still crave attention, love and care. Even when they are older, they need the same things a younger dog does. They need hugs, walks, healthy food and the stability of a great forever home.  Any pain you experience by losing them too soon will be offset by the joy they bring while you have them.

Augie is a great example of that by still going strong. Augie starts the day with a whole routine of dancing and rolling around.  She’s so happy. August is healthy, she has arthritis of course but she has regular treatments her for that,  we’ve taken care of some masses that turned out to be nothing, and we treat her for skin allergies ongoing.

Even if you’re not able to adopt we would love your support in keeping our forever fosters,like Augie, healthy and happy by donating here.