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His name is Mark Beerenstrauch (Dr. B) and he has a weekly pet talk radio show each week called Pet Talk with Dr. B on KXNT 100.5 fm from 11 am – 12 pm. The goal of his show is to provide listeners with great information by highlighting a topic each week and having an expert guest on each week to discuss the topic.   



September Furever Home Adoptions! 

  ETrooper by David and Heather    Trigger by Steve and Lisa

Copper by Michael and Kathryn                Conrad by Lorilynn and John

            Goldie by Mike and Kari                        


 Scooby by Robert and MaHugh Hefner by Jennie and Gary CharPeppermint

 Mix 94.1 presents the 12th Annual Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, April 9th, from 10am – 6pm at Star Nursery Fields at Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 Russell Rd.

Read more: Mix 94.1′s Pet-A-Palooza Information Mix 94.1 presents the 12th Annual Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, April 9th, from 10am – 6pm at Star Nursery Fields at Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 Russell Rd.

Read more: Mix 94.1′s Pet-A-Palooza Information

It Takes Dozens of Volunteers to Keep
GRRSN Operating

GRRSN has no paid staff. Everything we do to help homeless Goldens is done by volunteers. Some of our volunteers spend several hours a day and others much less. Your contribution makes a difference in a dog's life.....

If you are available to volunteer, please contact .   Home Visit and Transport Volunteers are needed. 

Thank you, we know your time is valuable.


Congratulations! I am pleased to announce that Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada has been accepted as a participating member of the Animal Welfare Fund in the 2013 Western CFC regions.

GRRSN's CFC designation code is 83351. CFC donors will use this code to indicate GRRSN as their designated charity.     







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Big Jake


In response to your letter of May 16th, Big Jake has been a perfect fit.  We have had 6 Goldens (2 at a time) over the past 43 years.  They all came to us as puppies and we were concerned how 2 year old Big Jake would be with our 8 year old female. 
He has been an absolute delight. He is gentle, very affectionate and loves Sugar--our 8 year old.
As you can see from attached photos, he swims--plays with Sugar--and is glued to Carol. 






It has taken me over a month to be able to write this letter without breaking down.

Our beloved Relay’s little heart stopped beating at 3:30 P.M. on July the 2nd after a bout with cancer. He had an inoperable tumor on his left hip. We kept him comfortable as long as we could, but it was time for him to join Shelby and Kaycee at the Rainbow Bridge.

Relay came in to our lives in early March, 2008. He had been abandoned in a foreclosed home in a crate in the back yard. He was about 18 months old. By the time he was rescued by the GRRSN, he weighed less than 30 pounds. Nothing but skin and bones. Sheila Donnelly was his foster mom, and nursed him back to health. (Thank you, Sheila). When we got him, he had put on about 10 pounds, but was still a bag of bones. We spoiled him rotten.  

We broke all the rules with Relay. We let him sleep in our bed, sit on the furniture, he ate like a king, went on family vacations, etc. He got to play in the Pacific Ocean, and climbed to the top of Mt Evans in Colorado, (He was an official fourteener, as he had scaled a 14,000 ft peak!).  

Thank you to everyone at the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada for bringing this special little doggie into our lives. We are much better people now for knowing and caring for such a wonderful pup! Relay (or as he was affectionately known as “Boo Bear”, or “our baby puppy” ), had a rough start at life, but in the end he knew he was loved. We stayed with him until and after he took his last breath.  We miss him (along with Shelby and Kaycee) every minute of every day, but he still lives on in our hearts.


Travis and Joanie Miller (And Augie the Doggie) 



 Barney is doing great,
he goes on walks every morning (15 to 20 minutes)
He is probably the sweetest dog I've ever been around.
Very well behaved.

Got him a life jacket and had him in the pool,
he can swim but is a bit afraid of the water,
he may never had been exposed to swimming.
He slipped in and swam the entire length of the pool
all by himself (with Judy right along side of him)
but scrambled out very quickly.
Probably just take time for him to get a comfort level.

He seems to have an allergy, scratches a lot,
we have appointment with Vet tomorrow. Will discuss with him.

Hope you get these pictures,
the one is a game where you put treats under tennis balls
in a cupcake tin and he figures out how to get treats,
he learned quickly.
thanks for everything,




Carrie Hanlon is a Golden mom to 4 seniors:  Max is 13, Sam is 12, Rosie is 9 and Trevor is 8. Carrie and her husband prefer the Oldies but Goldie's even though that means having to say good bye to so many so soon. Sometimes it feels like the Hanlon Hospice but it's satisfying to know these guys are spending their final years being loved on literally to death! 

We met Jupiter on Friday, June the 6th.  He had such sadness in his eyes, and immediately knew we wanted to welcome him into our home and hearts!!  What a good boy he is!  We have re-named him "Bear" (because he loves to give big bear hugs), and now knows his name.  He knows he will always have food and fresh water, has learned to play with toys, and loves his new big sister Abbey!  He mastered the doggie door the first day and always goes outside to potty!  After three days, he was happy to have a comfortable place to sleep, and was thrilled to have an abundance of love and attention from his new parents Kathy and Dan and of course, his new playmate Abbey!  He is very affectionate and loving, and when you give him verbal praise, his tail beats so hard it sounds like a drum!! :)  He is a very happy boy now, and will romp around the yard with a toy in his mouth and then come inside to cool off and take a nap!  He loves to sit  or lay next to his mom and dad, and always has a paw on our lap or his head on our shoulder!  He is such the love bug!!  He now will "sit" for a treat,  and has settled in nicely.  He is very strong, but a gentle giant indeed!!  Hopefully his past living conditions are a distant memory and he is looking forward to lots of love and fun in his new home!  Thank You GRRSN for the opportunity to have and love this big, beautiful Boy!
Dan Phillips
Kathy Clark


Hi everyone, this is Ranger {formerly Sealey}  sending you this msg from the north woods of Wisconsin. I was adopted by my forever parents Jeff and Cheri Fleischman back in February, after getting to know each other our first few months  in Las Vegas we took a really long drive together to Wisconsin to spend the summer. This place is awesome, its green, lots of trees and a river in our backyard. I've seen deer, turkeys, lots of birds and squirrels and tons of new "smells". I love my new life and my new parents, we are a true family. I'd like to thank everyone at the SNGRR for taking me in as a puppy and finding the right match for me with my forever family, you guys rock!!!!  



 Dear Friends at Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada:

Well, you guys really did it this time.  You sent me to live in the lovingest home in all of Las Vegas.  I’m now a permanent resident in the home of my adopted mom and dad, two folks you guys know as Missy and Chris Powell.  They couldn’t make a dog feel any happier or any more loved.

 The highlight of my day – assuming you don’t count the two meals that arrive in my bowl at 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. – is our daily walk.  I’ve got two adopted brothers, Charlie, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, and Doobie, a springer spaniel.  The five of us – we never leave Mom and Dad behind – go for a 45-minute walk every day shortly before dinner.  Dad walks me and the Doob, and Mom walks Charlie.  When we get back home, Mom serves me, Charlie and Doobie a bowl of ice water and Dad a glass full of something golden.

 I guess now would be a good time for me to admit that when I first got here, I was so insecure that I spent much of my time cowering behind a chair.  I kept hearing Mom utter something about me being scared of my own shadow.  Well, an unsettled life will do that to you.  Before I got here, I never knew what was gonna happen next.

 But love, attention and more love breed security.  And that’s what Mom and Dad have given me.  Rest assured that nothing calms an insecure pup like the love I’ve been getting since February.  Mom and Dad have occasionally hooked me up with a trainer, too.  Between the love and the training I’ve received, I’ve really gotten to where I can stand on my own four paws.

 Unsure of myself before, now when they call my name, I come a-runnin’.  And that’s not all:  I’ve also learned to sit, stay and heel.  Before long I’m hoping to work on my multiplication tables.

 Now, when the five of us go for our daily walk, I walk confidently at Dad’s side instead of timidly looking around for something frightening to happen.  And don’t tell the homeowners’ association this, but Dad occasionally removes my leash during our neighborhood tour.  Not once have I left his side.  (Well, there was that one time I spotted a cotton-tail when we were in an enclosed space on the golf course.  I guess my “retrieving” blood got the best of me!  I got a stern “talkin’-to” for that little misstep, but since then I’ve walked the straight and narrow.)

I think I mentioned mealtime somewhere above.  Mom just can’t get over how quickly I can make a bowl of food disappear.  Doobie and Charlie are still tucking their napkins in their collars when I’m licking my bowl clean.  I’ve always believed that I could win a gold medal in “speed-eating” in the K-9 Olympics.

 Around the house, we play a lot of fun games.  “Fetch” is one of my favorites.  And Mom and Dad can’t get over my penchant for toys.  I have a habit of walking around the house with two stuffed animals clinched in my mouth.  I don’t know why I like to take two at a time, but Mom says that’s just one of those things that makes me special.

 You wouldn’t believe how much attention I get paid around here.  Charlie and I are allowed to horseplay around the house and in the backyard.  (We’ve got a doggie door, so the backyard is always available to us.  No need to whine and get someone to open the human door.)  When Mom and Dad are reading in bed, I’m right there between ’em.  They haven’t even complained about my “shedding issue.”  The love in this house is just never ending.

 You guys are welcome to drop by and see me any time.  With all this confidence, though, I probably won’t jump up on you when you come in the front door.  Oh, one other thing:  Don’t get any silly ideas about placing me in some new home.  I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.  Healthy too.  Now let’s see … five times five is 25, right?

 Love to all my brothers and sisters,

 Murphy Powell  

May 28, 2014




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