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The rescue often receives calls from parents asking how their children can help our rescue.   These children found a way.....

Adam Esrig became a Bar Mitzvah on March 15th. It is common for a Bar Mitzvah to do a community service project to honor this milestone. Adam volunteers for GRRSN throughout the year so naturally decided to use his Bar Mitzvah project to support the rescue. Adam raised $640 as well as collecting collars, leashes and other supplies.  


Hi Debbie,
Campbell's birthday is April 1, 2006. She has had a few friends request donations instead of gifts for their birthdays, but she chose your organization because she and her sister just got a Golden Retriever puppy for Christmas. She love, love, loves our new family member (her "brother," as she calls him) and wants others to be able to experience her happiness! We know about your organization because our grandmother, Sue Wilson, has rescued 2 dogs from your organization. We got our dog from a breeder but will get any future dogs from you.  Campbell raised $190 for GRRSN.
Join the Kehillah Club and the TBS family for their End of Year Group Mitzvah Project at the Spotted Leaf Park (2955 Spotted Leaf Lane, 89135) on May 4 to make chew toys, blankets and treat containers for the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada.
  Please bring old t-shirts and empty toilet paper rolls that can be used for chew toys and treat containers for the animals.  
Thank you to Giada and Sophia on your successful lemondate stand!!!  $49 was raised to help GRRSN.


What's In Your Easter Basket? 

What better gift for Easter than a gift that gives back!  Easter is April 20th this year and our wines are the perfect gift!  What better gift than a gift that supports GRRSN.  Click here to order.




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His name is Mark Beerenstrauch (Dr. B) and he has a weekly pet talk radio show each week called Pet Talk with Dr. B on KXNT 100.5 fm from 11 am – 12 pm. The goal of his show is to provide listeners with great information by highlighting a topic each week and having an expert guest on each week to discuss the topic.   



March Furever Home Adoptions! 


  Max by Jeff Jake by Dennis and Carol      Coach by Jim               

Skipper by Christen and Kourtney  


 Scooby by Robert and MaHugh Hefner by Jennie and Gary CharPeppermint Bella b

 Mix 94.1 presents the 12th Annual Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, April 9th, from 10am – 6pm at Star Nursery Fields at Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 Russell Rd.

Read more: Mix 94.1′s Pet-A-Palooza Information Mix 94.1 presents the 12th Annual Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, April 9th, from 10am – 6pm at Star Nursery Fields at Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 Russell Rd.

Read more: Mix 94.1′s Pet-A-Palooza Information

It Takes Dozens of Volunteers to Keep
GRRSN Operating

GRRSN has no paid staff. Everything we do to help homeless Goldens is done by volunteers. Some of our volunteers spend several hours a day and others much less. Your contribution makes a difference in a dog's life.....

If you are available to volunteer, please contact .   Home Visit and Transport Volunteers are needed. 

Thank you, we know your time is valuable.


Congratulations! I am pleased to announce that Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada has been accepted as a participating member of the Animal Welfare Fund in the 2013 Western CFC regions.

GRRSN's CFC designation code is 83351. CFC donors will use this code to indicate GRRSN as their designated charity.     







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MIMI (Formerly Cuddly)


   Not sure who to send these photos to, or if you even want them, but
I thought you might enjoy an update on Mimi Myers (formerly Cuddly).
Here are some photos of her (yellow collar), along with my other Golden (the
bigger one) Presley.
We're so proud of her GRADUATION CERTIFICATE of beginner training!!
Thanks again for all you do,
Stephanie Myers



Sam at his first breakfast at Sunrise Cafe.



Sadie has filled a void in our family. We have had two Golden Retrievers who have passed. Sadie is playful and always smiling. Our children have grown and moved out, but they come by often, and so do the grand kids. Sadie gets so excited when the house is full of people. She loves when there is a sleep over, because she stays in "the pink room" with our grand daughters...and yes, in the bed too.  There's  never a dull moment around here!  It feels so very natural to have "Sadie Mae" as part of our family.  
The Roberts Gang


It all started 6 years ago, this past July. My husband and I have never seen eye to eye on how many dogs we should have. I wanted them all! But, he being the practical one, set limits. We had one dog, 2 cats, and who remembers what else at the time. We were watching television one night and out of nowhere he says, “You can get another dog.” Well, I was shocked! You better bet I jumped all over that! I was really skeptical though! At that time, houses were going into foreclosure by the dozens and people were abandoning their pets like crazy! I was afraid, to say the least, of going to the shelter to adopt a dog without knowing some history. You see, our house was quite harmonious and I didn’t want to upset that! And I never believed in buying a pet from a breeder!!! There are just too many that need rescuing! So, with those restrictions I certainly never in a million years thought I, of all people, would be blessed with a Golden Retriever! Well, one day while driving West on the Summerlin Expressway I pulled up behind a white Jeep Cherokee. It had a license plate frame that said, “GRRSN Golden Retriever Rescue”. I had never heard of the rescue before. I surely believed that this was a sign from my Maker. I look for those all the time! I ran right home and got on line. There was a dog I liked, Sheila. I put in a call to GRRSN. The next day that dog was labeled “adoption pending”. There was a new dog named Charlie so I called again. Katie called me back. We made arrangements for her to bring Charlie over. In the meantime, the foster Mom called him Paddy Boy because his fur was so red. She thought he needed an Irish name. They came over and it was love at first sight! He was nobody else’s dog but mine! We had 6 glorious, fabulous, unforgettable years together with lots of thanks to the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Nevada!!!!! Unfortunately, I am sending this email to you because it is time to add Paddy Boy to the Rainbow Bridge’. He passed away the morning of September 15th at the great, old age of 14!

Sandy P  



“I think we have a dog for you, Sue.  His name is Rusty.”  It was a telephone call from Golden Retriever Rescue Southern Nevada to my mom. 

And, it was the message relayed to me from my Mom.  It had been only a matter of weeks since losing “Champ,” my Mom’s treasured golden who had also been a rescue golden.  Cancer had taken him quickly and the loss was still tender.

We talked it over and there were several e-mail exchanges about this newly found golden retriever who had been turned in by a man who said he had found him wondering in the desert. Was my mom ready for a new dog this soon?  In addition, how big was he?  She is in good health, yet, at the age of 85, I had serious concerns about his size, strength, obedience, temperament. 

OK, I had concerns. . . .

A day and time were arranged to meet ‘Rusty’ at a local veterinarian office close to where my mom lives in Summerlin.  We were both excited and hesitant at the same time.  Waiting in the lobby, the side door opened and out bounded ‘Rusty’ into my mother’s open arms.

He is gentle, loving, and obedient.  Most of all, he is a true companion for my mom.

Thank you golden Retriever Rescue!

Here is a picture from that initial greeting and one of Rusty in our back yard with Mom.  




  Sandy has been a true blessing in our lives! Our family was dealing with an unexpected death in the family and the loss of our 16 year old Lewellyn Setter, and we decided to cheer ourselves up with a Golden Retriever. 

She has created so much joy in our house by continually playing with her stuffed animals (it looks like a zoo around here), trying to engage her new friend, the Schnauzer, in wrestling matches, learning how to get the morning paper, and showering us with dog kisses throughout the day. 
We think she's adjusting great to our home. She has put on a healthy amount of weight, her coat has turned a deeper shade of red and is much thicker and she's happy. Her head is held high, she doesn't cower anymore and she now sleeps with us at night. 
She has learned to trust her new parents and we love our new addition to the family!
Thank you to Diane and the Golden Retriever Rescue for bringing Sandy into our lives. 
Chip Croop & Stacy James 


As you may remember from our application to golden retriever rescue, we had
not been without a dog in our entire 47 years of marriage.  For the first
time, we took a year and a half break after our last dog passed away.  We
have had three previous rescue goldens, along with a variety of other dogs.
When we made the decision to get a dog again, we decided we were too old for
housebreaking and a puppy.  Our request was for a two year old male.  It
only took about six weeks before you called, and as you can see, Buddy is
perfect.  We wanted to send you this picture right away.  We don't have any
"together" pictures in our computer but believe me when I tell you there are
plenty on our phones including pictures of him with our grandsons in his
kennel.  He is only in his kennel when we leave the house for short periods
but he goes in there sometimes on his own, so must have been kennel trained
before we got him.

Our daily adventures include long walks.  He can do five miles but then we
have to lift him back into the car.  He recently did a three mile hike with
us and the grandkids in Red Rock Canyon.  He loves going in the backyard
with my husband when he is practicing his pitching and putting.  For
Christmas, Buddy got a tennis ball shooter.  You can shoot balls out one at
a time, and he sits patiently waiting to see where they are going to land.  

Buddy has brought so much energy and joy into our lives. And I think he knew
from day one that he was where he belonged.  We had bought him a bed the day
before we picked him up and placed it on the floor next to our bed.  The
first night, I said "Buddy, get in your bed," and no one was more shocked
than I when he actually did it.  Every night he is the first one in bed,
waiting for us to get there.

P.S.  We love the fact that he has no tail.  No more items getting swept off
coffee tables.  Just another bonus.

Thank you for your good work,

George and Olga Lyles  



"In Memory of the Goldens who Gave Us So Much"

Please consider a donation in memory of a wonderful companion. The money will support a Golden in need.

Donate Here

Please enter the special companion in the "Notes to GRRSN" during the donation process. The companion will be placed on our Rainbow Bridge Page.

Pictures intended for the Rainbow Bridge Page can be emailed to:

The GRRSN Rainbow Bridge Page

Mail: GRRSN 7065 W. Ann Road, Suite 130-656, Las Vegas, NV 89130



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GRRSN is proud to be enrolled in this program. Our members are eligible to receive the Community Rewards Card. Every time you shop for grocries and swipe your card, GRRSN starts earning a rebate. To receive your Community Rewards Card, please email with Food4Less in the Subject Line. Include your name and mailing address. Watch the mail for the Rewards Card and Instructions and let's start shopping.




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