Fairmont – Adoption Pending

Fairmont is a wonderful 4-year-old boy.

Fairmont’s owner passed away, leaving him and his brother and sisters homeless. No family members came forward to claim him, so Fairmont found himself living at the Kingman, Arizona Animal Shelter for over a month! His time was coming to an end, and the shelter contacted GRRSN for assistance. We were happy to oblige!

Although Fairmont looks like a total Golden Retriever, he has a funny-looking tongue! He is either mixed with a little something, or he has been sucking on an ink pen! All we know is that Fairmont is as sweet as sugar and he acts like your typical Golden boy. Fairmont loves other dogs, he’s house trained and is 100% lovable!

Let’s welcome Fairmont to Las Vegas and into our GRRSN home!